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E-mail command, as shown for Word in Figure 21.1. When you select this command, Office
creates a new email message with the document attached. All you need to do is compose and address
the message, and then send it.
Using the Send E-mail command in other Office applications to send a document as an email attachment.
Pasting Office Application Data
into Email Messages
An alternative to attaching Office documents to email messages is to include the document, or part
of it, right in the body of the email message. There are a couple of reasons why you might want to
do this:
n You can easily send part of the document rather than the whole thing.
n The content is immediately visible when the recipient opens the message — he does not
have to open, or even have, the parent application to view it.
A potential disadvantage is that the recipient will not have a complete document that he can open
and edit. Sometimes, however, that’s just what you want: to let someone view and perhaps approve
something without having access to an editable document.
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