Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Using the Mail Merge Wizard
When you are selecting the type of document for your merge, one of the menu choices is Step
By Step Mail Merge Wizard. If you select this command, the wizard will walk you through all
the steps of creating your mail merge.
As you work on the document, you can preview what the end result will look like by clicking the
Preview Results button. All merge fields in the document are replaced with data from the first
contact in the recipient list. Click the button again to return to the display of merge fields.
When the document is complete, click the Finish & Merge button. The options available on this
menu depend on the type of merge you are performing. For example, if you are creating an email
merge, you can select Send Emails to generate and send the merged email messages.
Outlook is one of several programs in Microsoft’s Office productivity suite. These programs are
designed to work with each other, sharing data and completing tasks in an efficient manner. This
chapter showed you some of the ways you can use Outlook with other Office programs.
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