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A toolbar or menu initially displays a macro’s name and a default icon.
You can change how a macro is displayed on a toolbar or menu. First, you have to open the
Customize dialog box by selecting Customize from the Tools menu. You do not actually use the
dialog box in these procedures, but it must be open for the menus and toolbars to be in edit mode.
Then, right-click the macro item on the menu or toolbar to display the context menu shown in
Figure 22.5. The commands are
n Reset: Resets the button to the default appearance.
n Delete: Deletes the button from the toolbar or menu.
n Name: In the adjacent box, edit the text that is displayed on the button.
n Copy Button Image: Copy the button’s image so you can paste it into another button.
n Paste Button Image: Use the image copied from another button.
n Reset Button Image: Resets the button to the default “macro” icon.
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