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RSS Feeds
Outlook now provides integrated RSS (Really Simple Syndication) capabilities. You can view RSS
information just like you would email messages.
Automated Account Setup
For certain kinds of email accounts, Outlook now offers an automated account setup process that
lets you set up your account with only your email address and password — no more searching
around to find the email server addresses!
Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing
New and improved anti-spam and anti-phishing tools help protect you from junk email and
malicious messages.
Email Postmarks
The new email postmark feature is an anti-spam tool. A message you receive that is postmarked is
less likely to be from a spammer and more likely to be from a legitimate source, and Outlook can
take that into account when deciding which messages are spam and which are not. Likewise, if you
postmark messages that you send, the recipients may be able to use the postmark to determine that
your message is probably not spam.
This chapter has provided you with a quick overview of what Outlook can do for you. You have
also taken a look at some of the features that are new and improved in the most recent version of
Outlook. I think you’ll agree that Outlook is a jack-of-all-trades, providing capabilities that almost
everyone needs on a regular basis. With all this power, Outlook is unavoidably somewhat complex.
The remainder of this topic shows you the ins and outs of Outlook so that you will soon be putting
this powerful program to work to simplify and organize your own busy life.
Chapter 2 looks at the basics of installing and using Outlook.
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