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The editor’s IntelliSense feature lets you select from a list of named constants.
The Outlook Object Model Hierarchy
The Object Models for all Office applications are arranged in a hierarchical structure. Two of the
top-level objects in this arrangement are Application and Namespace .
The Application Object
At the very top of the Outlook Object Model is the Application object. As you might have
already guessed, this object represents the Outlook application itself. All other objects in the
hierarchy are subsidiary to the Application object. Often, when you are trying to locate data in
Outlook, you start with the Application object and work down to levels of greater detail.
The Application object is available as an implicit reference for VBA code in Outlook. This
means that you do not have to use the term in your code — it is understood automatically. If you
were writing VBA code to run in another Office application, such as Word, you would have to
explicitly reference the Outlook Application object.
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