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Office 2007 Already Installed?
If Office 2007 has already been installed, the first setup screen will offer these three options:
n Add or Remove Features: Select this option if you want to add features to or remove
features from the Office installation.
n Repair: Select this option if one or more Office programs are not working properly.
Repairing an Office installation fixes many, but not all, such problems.
n Remove: Removes the entire Office installation from the system.
If you can’t find what you are looking for in step 3 or 4, Outlook has not been installed. The
process is easy and is explained in the following section.
Installing Outlook
Outlook is almost always supplied on disks (CDs or DVDs) as part of a Microsoft Office System
installation along with the other Office programs such as Word and Excel. Depending on your
needs you can install just Outlook, the entire Office system, or any combination of programs
you desire. This section deals specifically with the Outlook aspect of installation.
To begin installation, insert the Office 2007 CD into your CD drive. On most systems the setup
program will start automatically. If it does not, follow these steps:
Open Windows Explorer.
Navigate to the CD drive.
Locate the file setup.exe in the root folder and double-click it.
The first setup screen, shown in Figure 2.1, asks you to enter your product key. You can skip this
step and enter the key later if you wish.
Why Customize?
I recommend that you use a custom install only if you have a specific reason to do so and you are
confident that you know how to make the correct choices. For example, you may not want to
install all the Office programs to conserve disk space, or you may want to install program features
that are not included in the default installation.
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