Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Entering the product key on the first setup screen.
The next setup screen gives you two of the following three choices:
n Install Now: This option is available if you do not have an earlier version of Office
installed on your computer. Selecting this option will install Office 2007 with the default
settings, which includes all the Office programs and the most commonly needed options.
n Upgrade: This option is available if the setup program detects an earlier version of Office
installed on your computer. It allows you to replace the earlier version with Office 2007,
using the default install choices. Many of the settings from the previous version of Office,
such as email accounts, will be retained.
n Customize: This option lets you customize your Office 2007 installation as explained in
more detail in the following text.
If you choose Install Now or Upgrade, the install process will complete automatically and notify
you when it is complete. If you choose Customize, you will see the dialog box that is shown in
Figure 2.2.
The Installation Options tab, shown in the figure, lets you specify which Office programs, and
which components of each program, are installed. The initial settings here are the same as would
be in effect for a default installation. If an item has a plus sign to the left, click it to expand the
display to show sub-components. For example, Figure 2.3 shows the sub-components available
for Outlook.
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