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Can’t Edit a Page?
Some form templates have one or more of their pages locked, which means you cannot edit them.
For example, the Task page in the Task template is locked. Creating a custom form based on one
of these templates means working with the other pages in the template.
Modifying a Form
If you want to modify a form that you designed previously:
Open the Design Form dialog box (shown earlier in Figure 26.1).
Open the Look In list at the top of the dialog box and select the folder where you
originally published the form.
Select the form from the list.
Click Open.
You can now use the techniques explained in this chapter to modify the form and publish it.
Form Structure
A form is made up of one or more tabs, called pages in Outlook. If you refer back to the Message
form template in Figure 26.2, you can see that it has nine pages. Some pages are defined as part of
the template — for example, the Message, All Fields, Properties, and Actions tabs in this example.
Others — P.2, P.3, and so on — are blank to start with so that you can design them exactly as you
see fit. You do not have to use all the available pages. A custom form has at least one visible page,
of course, and as many more as the application requires. In the Forms Designer, pages whose name
is displayed in parentheses are be displayed when the form is used.
Each tab can be thought of as a page on which you place elements or controls. The Forms Designer
has a set of controls to perform specific tasks. Look at Figure 26.3, which shows part of the
Message template with the controls called out. There are three types of controls on this form:
n Textbox: For user entry and editing of text.
n Label: For displaying text that the user cannot edit.
n CommandButton: For carrying out an action when the user clicks it.
A form usually has actions associated with it as well. Actions are defined in VBScript , a lightweight
version of the VBA programming language that can be included with a form. VBScript is usually
associated with a CommandButton control because that is the control designed for the user to
click to perform some action.
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