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Displaying the Properties dialog box for a page.
Adding Fields to a Form
As has already been mentioned, a form uses fields to hold its data. A form template contains its
own default set of fields; you can add more fields to a form and delete some of the default ones
until the new custom form contains just the fields you need.
Every field on a form is represented by a control. The type of control is appropriate for the data the
field contains. By adding a field to a form you are automatically adding the corresponding control.
This is the easiest and recommended way to add controls to a form, although it is not appropriate
in all situations.
You add fields to a form using the Field Chooser. This is usually displayed by default when you
create a new form, but if necessary click the Field Chooser button in the Tools section of the ribbon
to display it. The Field Chooser is shown in Figure 26.6.
At the top of the Field Chooser is a pull-down list where you select the category of fields to be
displayed in the Chooser. The default is Frequently Used Fields. To add a field to the form, drag it
from the Field Chooser and drop it at the desired location on the page (although you can change
the position later).
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