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You use the Field Chooser to add fields to a form.
To illustrate, look at Figure 26.7. To create this example, four fields were dragged from the Field
Chooser to the form. From top to bottom they are
n Due Date: The Forms Designer has created a TextBox control to hold the date as well as
an adjacent Label control to identify the field.
n Importance: This field can take three values : Low, Normal, and High. The Forms
Designer has created a ComboBox control from which the user can select one of these
values. Again, an adjacent Label serves to identify the field.
n Read: This field is a yes/no, true/false value, and the appropriate control is a CheckBox,
which includes its own identifying label.
n Icon: The last control/field represents the icon associated with the form data — in this
case a message (envelope) icon because the form is based on the Message template. The
Image control, designed specifically for displaying digital images, is used here.
After you have added one or more fields to a page, you can work with them as described in the
following sections — changing their size and position on the page, modifying their properties, and
so on.
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