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Aligning Controls
By default, all controls align to the grid of dots displayed on the page background. This alignment
affects both the control position and size — in other words, the top-left corner is always at a grid
boundary, and the height and width are always multiples of the grid size. This default behavior
simplifies the task of creating neat-looking forms with controls that are aligned. You can modify
this behavior if desired by clicking the Align button in the Arrange section of the ribbon and then
selecting these commands from the menu:
n Snap to Grid: Turn this option off if you want to be able to position and size controls
freely, without reference to the grid.
n Show Grid: Toggles the grid display on or off. Snap to Grid will still operate even when
the grid is not displayed.
n Set Grid Size: Opens a dialog box where you can set the size of the grid (the default is 8).
Changing the grid size does not affect controls already on the form.
Automatic Alignment and Sizing of Controls
The Forms Designer provides commands to automatically adjust the size and/or position of two or
more controls to be the same. To use these commands you must first select two or more controls
to adjust:
Click the first control to select it. This is the reference control whose size and/or position
is applied to the other controls.
Hold down the Shift key while clicking the other control(s).
When you select two or more controls in this manner, you’ll see that all selected controls display
handles and a border, but the reference control has white handles while all other selected controls
have black handles. This is shown in Figure 26.10.
Once you have selected the controls, you size them by clicking the Size button on the ribbon,
clicking the Make Same Size command, and then selecting Width, Height, or Both from the
next menu.
To align the selected controls, click the Align button on the ribbon, then from the menu:
n Select Left, Middle, or Right to align the controls horizontally by their left edges, centers,
or right edges.
n Select Top, Center, or Bottom to align the controls vertically by their top edges, centers,
or bottom edges.
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