Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Each item has a down arrow that you can click to change the install options for that item. These
options are
n Run From My Computer: The item will be installed on your computer.
n Run All From My Computer: The item and all the sub-items listed under it will be
installed on your computer.
n Installed on First Use: The item will not be installed until you try to use it for the first
time. You may be prompted for the Office 2007 CD in this situation.
n Not Available: The item will not be installed.
The other two tabs in this dialog box are
n File Location: Specify the location where Office will be installed. This is normally C:\
Program Files\Microsoft Office and should not be changed unless you have a
definite reason to do so.
n User Information: Specify your name, initials, and organization for use by the Office
Once you have finished customizing your Office installation, click the Install Now button to
complete the installation.
Activating Outlook
Soon after you install Outlook, you must activate it in order to retain full functionality. Activation
is Microsoft’s way of preventing a single copy of Outlook from being installed and run on multiple
systems in violation of the end-user license agreement.
To activate your Outlook installation, select Help, Activate Product and then follow the on-screen
prompts. Activation requires an Internet connection. Though it’s very unlikely that Outlook would
ever be installed on a computer without an Internet connection, you can activate it by telephone if
Checking for Updates
Microsoft makes product updates available for download from its web site. It’s a good idea to stay
current with updates because they can fix program bugs and security problems.
To check for updates, select Help, Check for Updates. This command will launch your web
browser and navigate to Microsoft’s update site. Follow the instructions on the update page to
download and install updates.
Be aware that if you have the full Microsoft Office system installed, Outlook updates will be taken
care of as part of Office updates. Also, if you have your Windows operating system configured for
automatic updates, this process will be taken care of “behind the scenes” and you need not do it
yourself. There’s no harm in checking for updates, however — you will be informed if you already
have the latest update installed.
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