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By selecting a control and clicking either the Bring to Front or the Send to Back button on the
ribbon, you can change the position of the selected control in the Z-order. Figure 26.12 shows the
same controls as in Figure 26.11 after either sending the Label control to the back or bringing the
TextBox control to the front.
FIGURE 26.12
By changing the Z-order, you can modify which control is displayed on top.
Changing the Tab Order
When a form is being used, only one control is active — that is, has the focus — at a given time.
The active control is indicated visually in some way. For example, when a TextBox is active it will
display a blinking cursor.
The user can move the focus by clicking with the mouse or by pressing Tab or Shift+Tab to move
the focus forward or backward in the tab order. Also, when the form is first opened, the control that
is first in the tab order gets the focus.
By default, controls are added to the tab order in the same sequence they are placed on the page
(each page has its own tab order). To change the tab order, click the Tab Order button on the
ribbon to open the Tab Order dialog box, shown in Figure 26.13. To change the order, click a control
name and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change its position in the list.
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