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Common Control Properties
Some of the common control properties are found on the property sheet. The property sheet is
essentially the same for most controls. It is shown, for a TextBox control, in Figure 26.14.
FIGURE 26.14
The property sheet provides access to the most often needed control properties.
The Display tab, shown in the figure, contains these properties. Note that some of these properties
will not be available for some controls:
n Name: The control name, which must be unique on its page. You may want to change
this from the default name to something more descriptive such as FirstName or
ZIPCode , particularly if you will be manipulating the control in VBA code.
n Caption: The text of the control’s caption, where applicable.
n Font: The font used for the control.
n Foreground Color: The color of the control’s text.
n Background Color: The color of the control’s background.
n Visible: If selected, the control will be visible when the form runs.
n Enabled: If selected, the control will be enabled (can be accessed by the user) when the
form runs.
n Read Only: If selected, the data in the control cannot be changed by the user.
n Sunken: If selected, the control displays with a 3-D sunken appearance.
n Multi-line: If selected, the control can display multiple lines of text. Applicable to
TextBox controls only.
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