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The Foreground Color and Background Color properties let you choose from a set of predefined
Windows operating system colors. For more choices you must use the BackColor and
ForeColor properties in the Advanced Properties dialog box.
The Layout tab of the property sheet is shown in Figure 26.15. The Top , Left , Height , and
Width properties specify the size and position of the control. You can change these here, but
usually size and position of controls is modified in the designer.
The Resize with Form option determines whether the control always keeps its set size (option off)
or grows and shrinks with the form.
FIGURE 26.15
The Layout tab of the property sheet.
The Validation tab is used to define data validation rules for a control/field and is covered in the
next chapter.
A control’s advanced properties are listed alphabetically in the Properties dialog box as shown in
Figure 26.16. The property names are in the left column and the values are in the right column.
The properties listed here duplicate some of the properties found in the property sheet, and you
can change them in either place. Other properties listed here can only be accessed via the
Advanced Properties command.
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