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FIGURE 26.17
The Value tab of a control’s property sheet specifies the field the control represents.
The other properties are
n Type: Displays the data type of the field. This is a read-only property — you cannot
change it because the data type is a characteristic of the field.
n Format: Depending on the data type, you can select the format it should be displayed in.
n Property to Use: Specifies the control property linked to the field. This is almost always the
Value property and generally should not be changed unless you have a good reason to.
Testing a Form
While you are designing a form, you can test, or run, the form to see how it works. To do so, click
the Run This Form button on the ribbon. The form opens and you can use it just as if you were
using it “for real.” You can test your tab orders, make sure controls display as desired, check default
data values, and so on. If it’s a form that can be sent, you can send it (which closes the form as
well). If it’s a form to be posted, you can post it. Otherwise, after testing close the form and return
to the Forms Designer by clicking the X at the top right of the form.
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