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Some form templates do not support Read and Compose modes. In this situation, the Separate
Read Layout option is available in the Design section of the ribbon (see Figure 27.6). Turn this
option on if you want separate Read and Compose modes for a particular form page, or turn it off
if you do not. If the option is selected, you use the adjacent Edit Compose Page and Edit Read Page
buttons to switch the Forms Designer between modes.
You choose Read/Compose mode options on the ribbon.
Working with Fields
This section covers some of the details and options that are applicable to working with fields on an
Outlook form.
Shared Fields
A shared field is one present on both the Compose and Read views of a page (Compose and Read
modes were explained earlier in this chapter). A shared field is linked to two controls, one on the
Read view of a page and the other on the Compose view. The two controls can have different
properties. For example, in the Compose view you might use a TextBox with the Enabled property set
to True so the user can edit the data, whereas in the Read view you use a TextBox with Enabled set
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