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Validating User Input
Many of the problems that arise when a form-based application is used result from the entry of
incorrect data. Some errors are impossible to catch, for example if someone mistypes an email
address as But you can catch other errors such as:
n An email address without the @ character
n A ZIP code only four digits long
n A data field left blank when an entry is required
n A percentage value way out of range
With the data validation feature available for Outlook forms, you can catch many errors before they
cause a problem.
Data validation is performed at the field level. When you add a field to a form, you can define
validation rules for it. When a user adds data to the form and then posts or sends it, the rules are
evaluated and if a violation is encountered, a message is displayed to the user who can then make
the necessary corrections.
You define validation rules on the Validation tab of a field’s properties sheet. This is shown in
Figure 27.11.
FIGURE 27.11
Use the Validation tab of the properties sheet to create validation rules for a field.
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