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n Always Show Full Menus: Select this option if you want Outlook to always show all
menu commands as soon as you open the menu.
n Show Full Menus After a Short Delay: Select this option if you want Outlook to show
the short menu briefly and then show the full menu.
n Reset Menu and Toolbar Usage Data: Click this button to return the short menus to
their default set of commands — in other words, to tell Outlook to forget which
commands are your favorites.
The Toolbars
Outlook can display one or more toolbars directly below the main menu. Each toolbar contains
buttons, lists, and other elements that provide access to commands that are relevant to the current
situation. In other words, the content of the toolbars — some of them, anyway — changes as you
move from task to task in Outlook. For example, when you are working on email there is a Reply
button on the toolbar, but when you are working in the calendar there is not — because this
command would not make sense. If you hover over a toolbar element — that is, rest the mouse pointer
there without clicking — Outlook will display a tooltip at the mouse cursor describing the function
of the element.
Customizing the way Outlook displays menus.
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