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Working Offline
In Outlook, offline does not mean that a connection to the server is not available. Of course, if this
connection is not available you have no choice but to work offline, but you can also work offline
when the connection is available.
When you are online, Outlook is connected to your Exchange server. Mail you receive is available
immediately, and mail you send is sent immediately. You can also work offline even when the
server connection is available, perhaps to avoid connection fees.
If you are using Cached Exchange Mode, as explained in the previous section, Outlook automatically
switches between online and offline modes depending on the availability of the server connection.
Cached Exchange Mode is recommended because the state of the server connection is essentially
transparent to the user. Information about the connection state and the status of synchronized folders
is displayed in the status bar, as shown in Figure 28.5.
If you click the arrow next to the connection state, Outlook displays a small popup menu. You can
use this menu to manually switch to offline mode and, when in offline mode, to try to reconnect to
the server. The other commands on this menu let you control certain aspects of the
synchronization process.
Connection state and folder status are displayed in the status bar.
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