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FIGURE 28.15
Setting tracking options related to voting.
Recalling Sent Messages
Exchange gives you the option of recalling a message you sent to another Exchange user as long as
that person has not yet read it. To do so:
Open the Sent Items folder.
Double-click the message you want to recall to open it.
Click Other Actions and select Recall This Message to open the Recall This Message dialog
box (see Figure 28.16).
Select options as described here:
n Delete Unread Copies of This Message: Recall the message without creating a
replacement message.
n Delete Unread Copies of This Message and Replace with a New Message: Recall
the message and open a new message to create a replacement message.
n Tell Me...: Select this option if you want to be notified whether or not the recall was
successful for each message recipient.
Click OK.
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