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FIGURE 28.16
Recalling an unread message.
Using Forms with Exchange
You learned about designing custom Outlook forms in Chapters 26 and 27. As mentioned earlier,
Outlook custom forms really come into their own when used with an Exchange server. This is
because you can publish a form to Exchange so that it becomes available to all users of the
Exchange server.
Publishing a Form
Basically, there are two options for publishing a form:
n Publish it to a forms library where it will be available to all users.
n Publish it to the public folder where it is meant to be used.
After completing the design of your form, publish it as follows:
Click the Publish Form button on the ribbon to open the Publish Form As dialog box.
Enter a descriptive display name for the form.
If desired, change the form name — but usually this is left as the default, which is the
same as the display name.
Open the Look In list (see Figure 28.17) and select the destination folder for the form.
Click Publish.
Using a Form
To use a form, select Forms from the Tools menu and select Choose Form from the next menu.
Navigate to the folder containing the form and open it — that’s all there is to it.
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