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Keep Unfinished Forms Separate
It’s a good idea to keep forms that are in the process of being designed separate from forms that
have been completed and tested. You can do this by creating a folder accessible only to you or the
members of the form design team and publishing forms not complete to that location. Only when
the form has been completely tested should you publish it to a public folder for general use.
FIGURE 28.17
Selecting the folder to publish a form to.
Select the publish folder
Working with Outlook’s Group Schedules
A group schedule is just what is sounds like — a calendar that shows busy and free time for multiple
people. Group schedules can greatly simplify the task of scheduling a meeting for members of a
team, to allow a supervisor to get an overview of how employees are spending their time, or to
permit a receptionist to locate specific individuals.
Creating a Group Schedule
To create a new group schedule, select View Group Schedules from Outlook’s Actions menu.
Outlook opens the Group Schedules dialog box, as shown in Figure 28.18. Any existing group
schedules are listed here. Then:
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