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FIGURE 28.20
A group schedule shows the members’ free and busy time.
Scheduling Meetings
You can schedule a meeting with individual members of the group or with the entire group.
When you schedule a meeting, a meeting request is sent to the attendees, and they can respond by
accepting the meeting, tentatively accepting it, or declining.
To schedule a meeting with the entire group:
On the schedule, click the block of time when you want to hold the meeting. This step is
optional but convenient.
Click the Make Meeting button.
Select New Meeting with All from the menu. Outlook opens a meeting request form
addressed to all group members, as shown in Figure 28.21.
Enter the subject and, optionally, a location for the meeting.
If necessary, adjust the date and/or time of the meeting.
If desired, add a message to the request.
Click the Send button.
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