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Sending Email to Group Members
You can easily send email to the entire group or to single selected members. To do so, click the
Make Meeting button and select one of these commands from the menu:
n New Mail Message: Creates an email message addressed to the selected group member
(select a member by clicking their row in the schedule).
n New Mail Message with All: Creates an email message addressed to all group members.
Setting Group Schedule Options
The Options button in the Group Schedule dialog box provides you with the following options:
n Show Only My Working Hours: If this option is selected, the group schedule will
display only the days and times that you have designated as working hours.
n Show Calendar Details: If this option is selected, the group schedule will display the
meeting subject for each block of time in which you have scheduled an appointment.
n AutoPick: Lets you configure how the AutoPick feature works. AutoPick was covered in
Chapter 12.
n Refresh Free/Busy: Select this command to update the group schedule with the latest
information from the members’ calendars. Though the group schedule is updated
automatically on a regular basis, selecting this command ensures you can see information that
other members may have entered very recently.
Other Group Schedule Actions
There are several other actions that you can take when a group schedule is open:
n To view an individual member’s calendar, double-click the small folder icon to the left of
the member’s name.
n To remove members from the group, right-click their name and select Cut from the
popup menu.
n To view information about members, double-click their name.
Delegating Outlook Tasks
When you work in a group — which is usually the case when you are using Outlook with an
Exchange server — you may want to let certain other people perform specified tasks for you. For
example, you could permit your assistant to access your Inbox to review your received messages
before you see them, or you could permit your manager access to your task list to assign you tasks.
In Outlook, this process is called delegation , and the person to whom you give access to Outlook
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