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FIGURE 28.24
Specifying permissions for a new delegate.
Working as an Assistant
If you have been granted delegate permission to another user’s folders, you will be able to open and
use them according to the specific permissions you have.
Opening Another User’s Folder
To open a folder to which you have been granted permission, follow these steps:
Select Open from the File menu, then select Other User’s Folder. Outlook displays the
Open Other User’s Folder dialog box as shown in Figure 28.25.
Type the person’s name in the Name box or click the Name button to select from a list
of users.
Select the folder that you want to open from the Folder Type list.
Click OK.
At this point one of two things will happen: the folder will open, or Outlook will display an error
message if you do not have the required permission to open the folder.
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