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FIGURE 28.26
Defining sharing permissions for a folder.
The lower section of the Permissions tab lists the individual folder access options that you can set
(although usually you will not set them individually, as explained later). They are
n Read: Select whether the user can read either full details of items in the folder or none.
n Write: Select whether the user can create items and/or subfolders. Also select whether
the user can edit only items he owns (that is, items that person created) or all items in the
n Delete Items: Specify which items the user can delete.
n Other: There are three options here:
n Folder Owner: The folder owner has all permissions.
n Folder Contact: A folder contact receives automated messages from the folder
including requests from users for additional permissions and resolution conflict messages.
This is a read-only setting and is set automatically based on other permission settings.
n Folder Visible: Users can see the folder (but not necessarily its contents).
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