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Remote Mail and Exchange Versions
Exchange Server 2003 and later versions handle Remote Mail somewhat differently than earlier
versions. With earlier versions, Remote Mail is available only if you are working offline. When
you are online, the related commands are not available. Exchange Server 2003 and later also let you
preview the first few lines of a message before downloading the entire thing.
To use Remote Mail, Outlook must be configured so that it does not perform automatic send/receives,
which would download all the messages, not just the headers, and would defeat the purpose of
Remote Mail. To check this:
Select Options from the Tools menu to open the Options dialog box.
Click the Mail Setup tab.
Click the Send/Receive button to open the Send/Receive Groups dialog box (see Figure
Uncheck all three of the options related to automatic send/receive.
FIGURE 28.27
Setting automatic send/receive options.
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