Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Specifying which toolbars to display.
The Navigation Pane
The navigation pane is displayed at the left side of the Outlook window. It is shown in Figure 2.10
and contains two sections:
n The bottom section displays buttons that you click to move to a different part of Outlook
such as Mail or Contacts.
n The top section displays information relevant to what you are doing. In Figure 2.10 for
example, Calendar has been selected so the top section of the navigation pane displays
calendar-related items.
A Menu Tip
I suggest that you set the menu option to always display full menus, at least at the beginning while
you are learning Outlook. This is the best way to learn what commands are available on the
menus, even if you don’t use all of them or understand what they do. Once you have gained some
familiarity with the menus you can switch to short menus if you prefer.
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