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Then, you download headers by opening the desired folder (usually the Inbox) and selecting
Send/Receive from the Tools menu and from the next menu selecting Download Headers in This
Folder. Once the headers are downloaded, they are displayed in the folder and you can preview
each message as shown in Figure 28.28.
Other Remote Mail–related commands are also found on the Send/Receive menu, including
marking and unmarking headers and downloading marked messages.
Using Remote Mail on a LAN
When you connect to Exchange using a LAN, Remote Mail does not make a lot of sense because
even if you use the Download Headers command to download headers for a folder, the full items
will be downloaded automatically shortly thereafter. Of course, with a fast LAN connection there is
rarely any reason to use Remote Mail, but there are two ways you can force it.
The first is to put Outlook into offline mode by clicking the connection status indicator at the
bottom right of the Outlook window and selecting Work Offline from the menu (see Figure 28.29).
When you are finished using Remote Mail, repeat the same steps to unselect Work Offline.
FIGURE 28.28
Previewing a message with Remote Mail.
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