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FIGURE 28.29
Working offline when using a LAN to connect to Exchange.
The other approach is to use the same menu shown in Figure 28.29 and select the Download
Headers option for how Cached Exchange Mode synchronizes the server with the Offline Folders
File. The available options are
n Download Full Items: Complete items, including attachments, are synchronized.
n Download Headers and Then Full Items: All headers are downloaded after which the
full items are downloaded.
n Download Headers: Only the message headers are downloaded.
n On Slow Connections...: If Outlook detects a slow connection to Exchange, it
downloads only headers. On fast connections the selected option is applied.
The combination of Outlook and Exchange Server provides you with unprecedented power and
flexibility when you are working with a group of people. This chapter covered the details of setting
up Outlook to work with Exchange and using the various tools available.
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