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Filtering the shared contacts list.
To send an email to a person on the shared contacts list, click the person’s email address in the list.
A new message form is displayed, addressed to that person. Complete the message and send it as
You can also take the following actions in the shared contacts list by resting the mouse cursor over
a contact’s last name to display an adjacent down arrow. Click the arrow to select from the
following actions (see Figure 29.4):
n View Item: View all details for this contact.
n Edit Item: Edit this contact’s information.
n Delete Item: Delete this contact.
n Export Contact: Exports the contact’s information as a VCF file, which you can then
import into your Outlook address book.
n Alert Me: Displays the page shown in Figure 29.5 where you can set up an alert that will
notify you by email when the item is changed.
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