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Actions available for a contact in the shared contacts list.
Linking the Shared Contacts List to Outlook
If you use the shared contacts list frequently, you may want to have these contacts available in your
Outlook address book rather than having to go to the SharePointSPS site each time you need an
address from the list. Of course you can export individual contacts to Outlook as described in the
previous section, but you may find it easier to link the shared list to your local Outlook address book.
To create the link, click the Link to Outlook button at the top of the shared contacts list. Outlook
warns you about linking only to lists from trusted sources. Click Yes to create the link, or click the
Advanced button to set advanced linking options (these rarely need to be changed).
Once the link is established, the shared contacts list will be available in Outlook as a separate
address book. It is read-only — you have to go to the SharePointSPS site to make new entries or
edit existing ones. Changes that are made to the shared list are reflected in your local linked copy.
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