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Outlook’s navigation pane.
At the top-right corner of the navigation pane you’ll see a left-pointing arrow. If you click this
arrow the navigation pane will collapse to a narrow bar along the left edge of the window. You still
have icons in the lower section to move around in Outlook, but the upper section is not visible.
You collapse the navigation pane to provide more room for other screen elements. Click the arrow
again — it is a right-pointing arrow when the pane is collapsed — to return to the normal
navigation pane display.
The To-Do Bar
The To-Do Bar can be displayed along the right edge of the Outlook window, as shown in Figure 2.11.
If it is not visible, you can display it by selecting View, To-Do Bar, Normal.
The use of the To-Do Bar is covered as needed in later chapters. For now it’s enough to know these
n To collapse the To-Do Bar, click the right-pointing arrow at the top. To re-expand a
collapsed To-Do Bar, click the left-pointing arrow at the top.
n To hide the To-Do Bar, click the X icon at the top.
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