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Working with
Email Accounts
Before you can send and receive email using Outlook, you must set up
at least one email account. When you set up an email account, you
provide Outlook with the information it needs to connect to your
online email account. Many people have just one account, but Outlook can
work with multiple email accounts too.
Understanding email accounts
Setting up your email accounts
Modifying account settings
Many people find that once their email account is set up they never have
to make changes to the settings. Sometimes, however, making changes is
required — and this chapter explains how to do this as well.
Using profiles
Setting Up Your Email Accounts
Before you can use Outlook to send and receive email, you must set your
email account. You can have more than one account — you’ll follow the
same steps for each one. There are two parts to this.
First, your account must be set up on the server or at your ISP. This is not
done in Outlook. If your account is at your workplace it will likely have
been set up by an IT person and he or she will have provided you with the
required information such as your email address and password. If you are
setting up a home or small business account, you may be doing this yourself.
The details depend on your ISP so I cannot provide instructions, but as part
of the process you will either specify or be given your email address and
Second, you must set up your account in Outlook. This process provides
Outlook with the information, such as your email address and password,
that it needs to connect to your email server and send and receive messages.
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