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Hotmail Accounts and Outlook
As of this writing you cannot use Outlook to connect to a free Hotmail account — you must have
one of its subscription accounts. You will have to access your free Hotmail account using your
web browser, as usual.
If you are at work you may be lucky enough to have your IT guru set up Outlook for you, in which
case you can skip this section. If you must do it yourself, the minimum information you’ll need is
your email address and your password. You may also need to know the address, or URL, of your
email server. The URL looks a lot like a web page address and will be something like mail. . Some mail accounts require two addresses, one for incoming mail and another
for outgoing mail.
Outlook supports several different kinds of email accounts, including a Microsoft Exchange Server
account. The account setup process differs depending on whether you have an Exchange account,
an HTTP account such as Hotmail or MSN, or one of the other supported account types (POP and
IMAP). All these procedures are covered in the following sections.
Automatic Email Account Setup
Outlook can automatically configure some email accounts. This works for some but not all POP,
IMAP, Exchange Server, or HTTP accounts. To use the automated email account setup feature, you
need to have your email address and your password. Then, here are the steps to follow:
From the menu, select Tools, Account Settings to display the Account Settings dialog
box. Make sure the E-mail tab is selected, as shown in Figure 3.1. If there are any email
accounts already set up they will be listed here. If you’re just getting started the list will
be blank.
Click the New button to display the Add New E-mail Account dialog box (Figure 3.2).
Make sure the Microsoft Exchange Server, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP option is selected, then
click Next.
The next dialog box, shown in Figure 3.3, asks for three pieces of information:
n Your name.
n Your email address.
n Your password.
After entering the information click Next. Outlook will try to connect to your email
server and set up the account.
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