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Entering your name, email address, and password during email account setup.
At step 3 you have the option of proceeding with manual account setup by selecting the Manually
Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types option and clicking Next. Manual email
account setup is described for the various account types later in this chapter.
If you are continuing with automatic account setup, Outlook will attempt to connect to your email
server and set up the account. In most cases this will work just as it is supposed to. The setup
process will finish, the new account will be listed in the email accounts list, and you’ll be able to
start sending and receiving messages. However, this automated process does not always work. You
may encounter one of the following situations:
n Outlook tells you that it cannot establish an encrypted connection to the server and offers
to try again using an unencrypted connection. Click Next to proceed. The process will
either complete properly or you’ll encounter one of the other conditions in this list.
n Outlook cannot establish a connection to your account and asks you to verify the spelling
of your email address. Make any needed corrections and click Next to try again. The
process will either complete properly or you’ll encounter the final condition in this list.
n If the preceding steps fail, Outlook will require that you manually configure the server
settings. This option will be automatically selected in the Add New E-mail Account dialog
box. Click Next to continue. The manual account setup steps differ for the various account
types, and are covered in the following sections.
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