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Email Terminology
All these acronyms can be confusing! POP stands for Post Office Protocol, a technology for
receiving email. You’ll also see POP3 used; they mean the same thing. IMAP is Internet Mail
Access Protocol, another incoming mail technology. HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol,
which in addition to being a central technology for the Web is also used by some mail systems.
SMTP is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the almost universally used technology for sending email.
Manual Email Account Setup (POP and IMAP)
If automatic account setup does not work for your POP or IMAP account, you will have to do it
manually. It’s a bit more involved but nothing to be afraid of. You will need some more information
in addition to your email address and password. This information should be available from your
ISP or your IT person:
n The addresses of your incoming mail server and outgoing mail server. These may be the
same but are usually different.
n The username and password for your account login.
Once you have this information you are ready to begin. The first dialog box in the manual account
setup process is shown in Figure 3.4. You will arrive at this dialog box either if automatic setup
failed, or if you explicitly selected manual account setup. Both of these are explained in the
previous section, “Automatic Email Account Setup.”
The first step for manual email account setup.
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