Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Type the body of the message in the main section of the message window.
Click the Send button.
A blank email message ready to be composed and sent.
That’s all there is to it. Depending on Outlook’s Send/Receive options, your message will be sent
immediately or will be placed in the Outbox to be sent the next time a send/receive is performed.
If you want to be sure the message is sent immediately, press F9.
You can also create a new email message using settings other than the defaults by selecting New
Mail Message Using from the Actions menu. Then, from the next menu:
n To create a message based on stationery, select one of the recently used stationeries that
are listed (if any) or select More Stationery to select from all available stationery.
Stationery is covered in detail in Chapter 5.
n To create a message in a format (HTML, Rich Text, or plain text) other than the default,
select the desired format. Message format options are covered in detail in Chapter 5.
Message Addressing Options
An email message can have multiple recipients, and each recipient can be one of three types:
n To : The main message recipient(s). Every message must have at least one recipient in the
To field.
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