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Sending a Message
When you click the Send button to send an email message, Outlook places the message in the
Outbox. This is one of the mail folders displayed in the navigation pane. Depending on your
connection status and Outlook option settings, the message may be transmitted to your email
provider immediately or it may wait until your are online or until a timed send/receive occurs. In
either case, once the message is sent it is removed from the Outbox folder and a copy is saved in the
Sent Items folder.
n CC (Carbon Copy): Generally you use CC when a person needs to be aware of the
content of the message but is not a primary recipient — that is, does not need to respond or
take action. All recipients of a message can see who is in the CC list.
n BCC (Blind Carbon Copy): Like CC but the names and email addresses of BCC
recipients are not visible to any other recipients of the message.
Changing the Reply To Address
By default, the reply to address that is part of every email message you send is the reply address
that you specified when you set up the email account. There may be situations when you want
replies to a message that you send directed to a different email address. To do so:
Click the Direct Replies To button in the More Options section of the Options ribbon.
Outlook will open the Message Options dialog box.
Under Delivery Options, make sure the Have Replies Sent To option is checked.
Enter the desired reply address in the adjacent box, or click the Select Names button to
choose from your address book.
Click OK.
Entering Recipients Manually
You can type recipients directly into the To, CC, and BCC fields. To enter more than one recipient
in a field, use a semicolon as a separator between addresses.
Outlook’s autocomplete feature is by default turned on for all recipient fields. As you start entering
an address or name, Outlook displays suggestions based on what you have entered in the past.
The suggestions come from a list of names and email addresses that you have entered previously.
Outlook will narrow the list as you enter more of the name or address. If the recipient you want is
displayed, select it by clicking. You can also highlight it with the up and down arrow keys and
press Enter. Otherwise just continue typing in the full name or address.
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