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Click the location for the new folder in the list. The new folder will be created as a
subfolder to the item you select here.
Click OK to close the dialog box and return to the Move Item To dialog box. The new
folder will be selected in the list.
Click OK to complete moving the mail message.
Creating a new folder to move an email message to.
Marking Messages as Read or Unread
Messages that have not been read are displayed in bold font and with a closed envelope icon. When
you open a message it is marked as read and will be displayed in normal font with an open envelope
icon. You can control how a message is flagged. Perhaps you opened a message and then were
called away — you might want to mark it as unread so you will be sure to look at it again later.
If the message is open, simply click the Mark as Unread button on the ribbon. If no message is
open you can select a message in the Inbox (or whatever mail folder you are in) and then:
n Select Edit, Mark as Read to mark the message as read.
n Select Edit, Mark as Unread to mark the message as unread.
n Select Edit, Mark All as Read to mark all messages in the folder as read.
Using the Reading Pane
Outlook’s reading pane lets you view the contents of a message without opening it. When the
reading pane is displayed, it shows the contents of whatever message is selected in the Inbox (or
whatever other mail folder you are working in). This is shown in Figure 4.9.
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