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Working with Received Attachments
Outlook lets you save attachments to disk and also lets you view attachments without opening
them in their native application. The viewing option is available for many attachment types,
including most image files, Word documents, and Excel workbooks.
Saving Attachments
When a received message includes one or more attachments, it will have a small paper clip icon
displayed in the Inbox. There are two ways to save attachments. The first method lets you save
attachments without opening the message:
Select the message in the Inbox (or whatever mail folder you are working in).
Select File, Save Attachments from the menu.
On the next menu, select the attachment to save. Outlook opens the Save Attachment
dialog box.
Navigate to the folder where you want the attachment saved.
Edit the attachment filename, if desired. Warning: do not change the extension!
Click Save.
Repeat these steps, if necessary, for other attachments.
If the message has more than one attachment, the menu that Outlook displays in step 3 also has a
Save All Attachments command. Selecting this command opens the Save All Attachments dialog
box, as shown in Figure 4.10. Note that all attachments are listed and selected. Then:
If you want to save just some of the attachments, select them by clicking and
Ctrl+Clicking (to select more than one individual attachment) or Shift+Clicking (to select
a group of adjacent attachments).
Click OK. Outlook displays the Save All Attachments dialog box.
Select the folder to save the attachments in. You cannot edit attachment names — they
will be saved under their original names.
Click OK.
The other way to save attachments can be used when the message is open or displayed in the
reading pane:
In the message header, right-click an attachment name.
Select Save As from the context menu.
In the next dialog box, select a folder for the attachment and the attachment name if
Click Save.
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