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Opening a File from a Different Program
TABLE 2.4 Open Options
Open Button Setting
The default; simply opens the i le for editing.
Open Read-Only
Allows changes but prevents those changes from being saved
under the same name.
Open as Copy
Opens a copy of the i le, leaving the original untouched.
Open in Browser
Applicable only for web-based presentations; opens it for
viewing in a web browser. PowerPoint 2013 does not save in
Web format, so it applies only to web-based presentations
created in earlier versions of PowerPoint that supported that
Open in Protected View
Opens the i le in an uneditable view. This option not only pre-
vents you from saving any changes to the i le, it also prevents
you from making changes.
Open and Repair
Opens the i le, and identii es and repairs any errors it i nds in it.
Show Previous Versions
Applicable only if the presentation i le is stored on an NTFS
volume under Windows 7, this feature enables you to access
the Versions feature in Windows 7 that stores previous versions
of i les. It is not applicable to Windows 8, which does not store
previous versions in the same way.
Opening a File from a Different Program
Just as you can save fi les in various program formats, you can open fi les from various pro-
grams. PowerPoint can detect the type of fi le and convert it automatically as you open it,
so you do not have to know the exact fi le type. (For example, if you have an old PowerPoint
fi le with a .ppt fi lename extension, you don’t have to know what version it came from.)
The only problem is with fi les that have fi lename extensions that PowerPoint doesn’t auto-
matically recognize. In that case, you must change the File Type setting in the Open dialog
box to All Files so that the fi le to be opened becomes available on the fi le list, as shown in
Figure 2.15. The change is valid for only this one use of the Open dialog box; the fi le type
reverts to All PowerPoint Presentations, which is the default, the next time you open the
dialog box.
PowerPoint opens only presentation i les and text-based i les such as Word outlines. If you want to include graphics
from another program in a PowerPoint presentation, insert them using the Picture command on the Insert tab. Do not
attempt to open them with the Open dialog box.
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