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Finding a Presentation File to Open
Finding a Presentation File to Open
If you have forgotten where you saved a particular presentation fi le, you’re not out of luck.
The Open dialog box includes a Search box that can help you locate it, as shown in Figure
Use the Search box in the Open dialog box to look for a i le.
Type word(s) to search for here.
Search results
appear immediately.
To search for a fi le, follow these steps:
1. Choose File
Open, click the location in which to search (SkyDrive or
Computer), and then click Browse to display the Open dialog box.
2. Navigate to the general location of the file. For example, if you know it is on the
C: drive, display the top-level listing for the C: drive.
3. Click in the Search box and type part of the filename (if you know it) or a
word or phrase used in the file.
4. Press Enter. A list of fi les that match that specifi cation appears.
5. Open the file as you normally would.
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