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Setting File Properties
Setting File Properties
File properties are facts about each fi le that can help you organize them. If you have a
lot of PowerPoint fi les, using fi le properties can help you search intelligently for them
using the Search feature you learned about in the preceding section. For example, you can
specify an author, a manager, and a company for each fi le and then search based on those
You can set a fi le’s properties by doing the following:
1. Choose File
2. Click the Properties heading (on the right side of the Info screen), and on the
menu that appears, click Show Document Panel. A Properties Ribbon appears
above the presentation window.
3. Fill in any information you want to store about the presentation, as shown in
Figure 2.17.
Enter information to store in the i le’s properties.
4. Click the down arrow to the right of Document Properties in the Properties
Ribbon, and choose Advanced Properties. The Properties dialog box for the fi le
5. Click the Summary tab, and confirm or change any information there. This is
the same information that you entered in the Properties Ribbon, with the addition
of a couple of other fi elds, as shown in Figure 2.18.
6. Click the Custom tab, shown in Figure 2.19, choose any additional fields you
need, and set values for them. For example, click the Client fi eld on the Name list,
and type a value for it in the Value text box. Repeat this for any of the other cus-
tom fi elds.
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