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Inserting New Slides from an Outline
Stick with basic styles only in the outline: for example, just Heading 1, Heading 2,
and so on.
Delete all blank lines above the fi rst heading. If you don’t, you will have blank
slides at the beginning of your presentation.
Strip off as much manual formatting as possible from the Word text, so that the
text picks up its formatting from PowerPoint. To strip off formatting in Word,
select the text and press Ctrl+spacebar.
Do not leave blank lines between paragraphs. These will translate into blank slides
or blank bulleted items in PowerPoint.
Delete any graphic elements, such as clip art, pictures, charts, and so on. They will
not transfer to PowerPoint anyway and may confuse the import utility.
A Word document consisting mainly of plain paragraphs makes for an unattractive
Each paragraph flows
into a Title placeholder
on a separate slide
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