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Importing Text from Web Pages
To open a Word document in PowerPoint, follow these steps:
1. Choose File
Open. The Open screen appears.
2. Select the location where the Word document is stored, such as your SkyDrive
or Computer.
3. Click Browse, and then navigate to the folder containing the Word document.
4. Change the file type to All Outlines.
5. Select the document.
6. Click Open. The document outline becomes a PowerPoint presentation, with all
Heading 1 paragraphs becoming slide titles.
You can’t open or insert a Word outline in PowerPoint if it is currently open in Word. This limitation is an issue only for
Word i les, not plain text or other formats.
Importing Text from Web Pages
PowerPoint accepts imported text from several Web-page formats, including HTML and
MHTML (Single File Web Page). It is helpful if the data is in an orderly outline format, or if
it was originally created from a PowerPoint fi le, because there will be less cleanup needed.
There are several ways to import from a Web page:
Open a Web-page fi le as you would an outline (see the preceding section), but set
the fi le type to All Web Pages.
Insert the text from the Web page as you would a Word outline (in the Home tab,
click Slides
New Slide
Slides from Outline).
Reuse slides from a Web presentation as you would from any other presentation (in
the Home tab, click Slides
New Slide
Reuse Slides).
You should use one of the above methods rather than pasting HTML text directly into PowerPoint. This is because
when you paste HTML text, you might get additional HTML tags that you don’t want, including cross-references that
might cause your presentation to try to log onto a Web server every time you open it.
When importing from a Web page, don’t expect the content to appear formatted the same
way that it was on the Web page. We’re talking strictly about text import here. The format-
ting on the Web page comes from HTML tags or from a style sheet, neither of which you can
import. If you want an exact duplicate of the Web page’s appearance, take a picture of the
page with the Shift+PrintScreen command, and then paste it into PowerPoint (Ctrl+V) as a
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