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Rearranging Slides
You can undo multiple actions at once by opening the Undo button’s drop-down list, as
shown in Figure 3.7. Just drag the mouse across the actions that you want to undo (you
don’t need to hold down the mouse button). Click when the desired actions are selected,
and presto, they are all reversed. You can select multiple actions to undo, but you can’t skip
around. For example, to undo the fourth item, you must undo the fi rst, second, and third
ones, as well.
Use the Undo button to undo your mistakes and the Redo button to reverse an Undo
Undo button
The Redo command is the opposite of Undo. If you make a mistake with the Undo button,
you can fi x the problem by clicking the Redo button. Like the Undo button, it has a drop-
down list, and so you can redo multiple actions at once.
The Redo command is available only immediately after you use the Undo command. If Redo
isn’t available, a Repeat button appears in its place. The Repeat command enables you to repeat
the last action that you performed (and it doesn’t have to be an Undo operation). For example,
you can repeat some typing, or some formatting. Figure 3.8 shows the Repeat button.
The Repeat button appears when Redo is not available, and enables you to repeat actions.
Repeat button
Rearranging Slides
The best way to rearrange slides is to do so in Slide Sorter view. In this view, the slides
in your presentation appear in thumbnail view, and you can move them around on the
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