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When Should You Use a Manual Text Box?
If you delete all of the text from a text placeholder, the placeholder instructions
return (in Normal or Outline view).
A text placeholder box has a fi xed size on the slide, regardless of the amount or
size of text that it contains. You can resize it manually, but if you reapply the lay-
out, the placeholder box snaps back to the original size.
AutoFit is turned on by default in a text placeholder, so that if you type more text
than will fi t, or resize the frame so that the existing text no longer fi ts, the text
shrinks in size.
The text that you type in a text placeholder box appears in the Outline pane in
Outline view.
A manual text box, on the other hand, is one that you create yourself using the Text Box
tool on the Insert tab. Here are some characteristics of a manual text box:
You can create a manual text box anywhere, and you can create as many as you
like, regardless of the layout.
If you delete all of the text from a manual text box, the text box remains empty or
disappears completely. No placeholder instructions appear.
A manual text box starts out small vertically, and expands as you type more text
into it.
A manual text box does not use AutoFit by default; the text box simply becomes
larger to make room for more text.
You cannot resize a manual text box so that the text that it contains no longer fi ts;
PowerPoint refuses to make the text box shorter vertically until you delete some
text from it. (However, you can decrease its horizontal width.)
Text typed in a manual text box does not appear in the Outline pane in Outline
Figure 3.11 shows two text placeholders (one empty) and a text box in Outline view. Notice
that the empty placeholder contains fi ller text to help you remember that it is there. Notice
also that only the text from the placeholder appears in the Outline pane; the text-box text
does not. Empty text boxes and placeholders do not show up in Slide Show view, so you do
not have to worry about deleting any unneeded ones.
When Should You Use a Manual Text Box?
Graphical content such as photos and charts can work well either in placeholders or as man-
ually inserted objects. However, when it comes to text, you should stick with placeholders as
often as possible. Placeholder text appears in the Outline pane in Outline view, whereas text
in a manually inserted text box does not. When the bulk of a presentation’s text is in manu-
ally created text boxes, Outline view becomes less useful because it doesn’t contain the com-
plete presentation text. In addition, when you change to a different formatting theme that
includes different positioning for placeholders — for example, to accommodate a graphic on
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