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TABLE 3.1 AutoFit and Resize Shape to Fit Text Behaviors
Default For
When Wrap Text in Shape Is On
When Wrap Text in Shape Is Off
Do Not
Autoi t
Text overl ows at bottom
of text box
Tex t over l ows at right and text
box only
Shrink Text
on Overl ow
Text shrinks to i t
Text shrinks to i t
Resize Shape
to Fit Text
Manual text
Text box expands
vertically only (default for
manual text that you
create by dragging)
Text box expands vertically and
horizontally (default for manual
box that you create by text box
clicking). However, if you clicked
to create the text box initially,
the width keeps expanding until
you press Enter.
In this chapter, you learned how to create new slides, either from scratch or from outside
sources. You learned how to select, rearrange, and delete slides, and how to place content
on a slide. Along the way, you learned the difference between a content placeholder and a
manually inserted object, and how to create your own text boxes, move and resize objects,
and fi nd or replace text. These are all very basic skills, and perhaps not as interesting as
some of the more exciting topics to come, but mastering them will serve you well as you
build your presentation.
In the next chapter, you’ll learn about themes and layouts, two of the innovative features
in PowerPoint 2013 that make it such an improvement over earlier versions. You’ll fi nd out
how a theme differs from a template and how it applies font, color, and effect formatting
to a presentation. You will then apply layouts and create your own custom layouts and
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